Thursday, October 2, 2008

Pegi Nicol Smith


1904-1949; raised in Ottawa.

Born in Listowel, Ontario.

Among the first wave of artists of Canadian modernism; she left over 1000 works of art in many media including designs for hooked rugs.

Awarded the Willingdon Prize in 1931 for a landscape of the Gatineau River.

In 1940, she started an art center at the University of New Brunswick, her husband’s hometown.

In 1944, she was commissioned by the National Gallery of Canada to paint the activities of the women's services. One hundred and ten watercolour and oil paintings are now in their war collection.

MacLeod had an abiding respect for the women on Canada’s home front. She compared them to Diana, the ancient goddess of the hunt. She painted women soldiers, but also the mothers of soldiers, the nurses and the factory girls.

In 2005, the first major restrospective of of MacLeod's work (since her memorial exhibition organized by the National Gallery of Canada) was held at Carleton University.

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