Sunday, October 12, 2008

Cairine Wilson


1885-1962; moved to Ottawa in 1918.

Born in Montreal.

First woman appointed to the Canadian Senate in 1930, just months after the Persons Case gave women the right to sit in the Senate.

It was 23 years before another woman was appointed to the Senate in Canada.

Spent over 30 years in the Canadian Senate, and was best known for her support of the causes of refugees.

First woman to be appointed Chair of a Senate standing committee, the Senate committee on Immigration and Labour.

Supported issues involving the rights of women and children, more progressive divorce legislation, and a proponent of Medicare.

Chaired the founding committee of the Ottawa Women's Liberal Club in 1922 and was its president for three years.

Honorary president of the National Federation of Liberal Women of Canada.

Canada's first woman delegate to the United Nations in 1949.

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