Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Béatrice Desloges

Teacher, militant for the right to attend school in French in Ontario

1895-1957; born in Ottawa.

Grand-daughter of Michel Desloges, an 1837 patriot from Saint-Eustache who came to Bytown in mid-nineteeth century.

Along with her sister Diane, also a teacher, Béatrice Desloges successfully opposed Regulation 17.

Regulation 17, adopted in 1912, severely restricted the use of French in Ontario schools. It is considered one of the major upheavals in French Ontario and a turning point in the Franco-Ontarian identity. The regulation led to one of the greatest educational crises in French Ontario, and Guigues elementary school, which is located in downtown Ottawa.

Regulation 17 was modified in 1927 to allow limited teaching in French but was only withdrawn in its entirety in 1944.

There is a school in Orleans, Ontario named in her honour.

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