Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Lindalee Tracey

Filmmaker and writer

1957-2006; born in Ottawa.

Scriptwriter for the NFB; also worked in radio, television and print.

Whether in print or on film, Tracey depicts the lives of marginal people, those often disenfranchised by life's circumstances -- the poor, migrant workers and night shift employees. She explores what she terms "social geography".

Her article on illegal immigrants won the 1991 Best National Investigative Report award from the Canadian Association of Journalists.

Her first book: On The Edge: A Journey into the Heart of Canada (1993) took her on the road for seven months, interviewing poor people and letting them speak for themselves.

Together with Maria Pimental, Tracey and her husband Peter Raymont formed the independent film and television production company, White Pine Pictures, specializing in documentaries and docu-dramas.

Tracey was the director and writer of the 1997 film, Invisible Nation, which looked at the work of Canadian immigration officers and the people they police. It was nominated for a Genie award for best directing.

In 2003, Tracey founded Magnolia Movies, a production company affiliated with White Pine Pictures that focuses on somewhat lighter hearted topics than those addressed by White Pine.

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