Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Isabella Preston

Horticulturist, hybridist

Born in Lancaster, England in 1881; died in 1965.

Immigrated to Ontario in 1912.

Entered the Ontario Agricultural College in 1913.

First professional woman hybridist in Canada in 1916.

Joined the Central Experimental Farm's in Ottawa, Horticultural Division under W.T. Macoun in 1920.

From then until she retired in 1946, Preston was a specialist in ornamental horitculture and originated nearly 200 hybrids (roses, lilacs, Siberian iris, Rosybloom crabapples and lilies).

Wrote numerous wide-ranging horticultural articles as well as Garden Lilies (1929), the first book on lily cultivation in Canada.

The Isabella Preston Trophy was established by the North American Lily Society in recognition of Preston's work.


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