Monday, October 13, 2008

Kathleen Shannon


1935-1998; lived and worked in Ottawa.

Born in Vancouver.

Founder and Executive Producer of Studio D, National Film Board (Ottawa) in 1974.

Studio D played a key role in providing Canadian women, filmmakers and audiences alike, the opportunity to create, share and view their own stories on the film screen.

Started her career in the film industry when she got a summer job as a background music cataloguer at Crawley Films (Ottawa) in 1952. (see Judith Crawley entry)

Offered a position at the NFB in 1956.

In 1974, in conjunction with International Women's Year, the National Film Board of Canada created Studio D, largely due to Shannon's determination.

The NFB Studio D was first government-funded film studio dedicated to women filmmakers in the world.

Studio D soon became one of the NFB's most celebrated filmmaking units, winning awards and breaking distribution records.

Was awarded the Order of Canada in 1986.

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