Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Since 1800...

“People must know the past to understand the present and face the future.” — Nellie McClung, 1935

Countless women of vision have expressed their excellence in politics, education, social development, business, arts and culture since Bytown became incorporated as the city of Ottawa in 1855. And even before...

Whether you are a tourist who wishes to become more familiar with the city’s historical mentors and milestones, or a student researching a project on the contribution of women to Canadian history, or a citizen of the capital region interested in learning about people and events, Women in Ottawa: Mentors and Milestones provides an opportunity to appreciate 200 years of women’s accomplishments.

This blog includes contributions from both French and English women from as early as 1800. It celebrates history and pays tribute to the many women who have contributed knowledge, expertise, experience and commitment to building the city of Ottawa and the institutions of Canada. I will be adding information on an ongoing basis.

Every one of the women profiled in this blog is an inspiration and a reference. They have broken through barriers, modeled the way for citizenship, encouraged women and men to move beyond limiting roles imposed by the society of their time.

They are mentors who have shown boldness, diversity and vulnerability. Many of them have accomplished “female firsts” in Ottawa, reaching milestones and leaving their print on Canadian history and the world stage.

Please note: The information provided in this blog is referenced from reputable sources listed at the end of each entry. I cannot verify each statement at this time.

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