Friday, November 14, 2008

May Court Club of Ottawa (and of Canada)

“It is the power of women everywhere to make society what they will”. —Lady Aberdeen, 1898

Founded in Ottawa.

The May Court Club of Ottawa is the oldest women's service organization in Canada, indeed Canada's very first women's service club.

Created on May 1st, 1898 by Lady Aberdeen, wife of the Governor General of Canada.

In 1934, the Affiliation of May Court Clubs was established with clubs in Ottawa, London and Windsor.

In 1965, the Affiliation became the Association of May Court Clubs of Canada. May Court Clubs are now established in nine Ontario cities.

For 110 years, the May Court Club of Ottawa has continually provided vital volunteer and financial assistance to the Ottawa-Carleton community.

Over the years, the Club has evolved from a group of women "with leisure opportunities" to a multi-faceted volunteer organization. It includes both professional women as well as those whose careers are in the home.

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