Saturday, June 23, 2012

Sharon Anne Cook

Professor, researcher, historian, author

Earned a bachelor degree in Arts at Carleton University in Ottawa in 1970, and her bachelor in Education from Queens University the next year.

Taught history at secondary schools from the Carleton Board of Education for a decade before completing a Master degree at the Institute of Canadian Studies Carleton University in 1987, then her Ph.D. in History in 1990.

Joined the Faculty of Education of the University of Ottawa as an associate professor in 1990 and has been a full professor since 1997. Currently teaches in the graduate program in the Faculty of Education and is the Assistant Director of the Teacher Education Program.

Is a prolific author having published extensively in her areas of research which are feminist theory and methods, gender theory, health history, historical analysis, history of education, social studies education and women’s studies.

Published the first comprehensive study of women and smoking in Canada, Sex, Lies, and Cigarettes (2012); this work explores women’s long association with smoking in this country – first as implacable opponents of male smoking, and as protectors of children who would be smokers, then as consumers themselves, and as sexualized symbols to sell tobacco.

Has received numerous accolades and teaching awards since 2004. Is a Distinguished professor at the University of Ottawa since 2010.

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