Friday, March 30, 2012

Rosetta E. Carr

Photographer, artist

Born in Drummond Township, Ontario, 1845; died in Ottawa, Ontario, 1907.

Studied in New York, Connecticut, and at William Notman's studio in Ottawa.

In 1883, moved to Winnipeg and purchased a local photography business which she renamed the American Art Gallery.

Was an accomplished portraitist who was skilled at hand-colouring her prints using watercolours as well as the photo-crayon process; photographed a variety of important local figures such as the Premier of Manitoba, as well as the landscapes of the Canadian West between Thunder Bay and the Rockies.

Her photographs were included in local and international exhibitions, including the 1886 Colonial and Indian Exhibition in London, England, where she received a medal.

Sold her gallery in 1899 and moved to Ottawa where she lived until her death.

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