Friday, December 26, 2008

Sue MacNeil

Research analyst, road safety, lobbyist

1947-2008; born and lived in Ottawa.

One of the first female driving instructors in Ontario.

Searched for better solutions to the issue of road safety and injury prevention.

Studied in Road Safety and Injury Prevention at Carleton University in Ottawa; was awarded the senate medal upon her graduation.was awarded the senate medal upon her graduation.

Interested in the research and development of road safety initiatives as well as innovative educational strategies at both the molar and the molecular levels.

Developed a series of seminars, courses and workshops for individuals working in the field of road safety education.

Developed a standardized on-road measure of crash potential for drivers.

Created a criteria for program development in 1989 that became the standard for programs to be delivered through the Road Safety Educators’ Association Inc. of Canada and the Driving School Association of the Americas.

Consultant to municipalities and government agencies to help return injured workers to driving and helped the medical community make more informed decisions concerning fitness to operate a motor vehicle within their patient population.

Worked with large vehicle fleets in helping them increase productivity through systematic intervention that is data driven and client based.

President, Little World Road Safety Services, and President, Driver Competency Assessment Protocols Inc.

Accredited with a Driving Therapist (DT) credential from Road Safety Educators’ Association Inc.

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