Thursday, December 11, 2008

Margaret Trudeau

Mental Health Advocate

Became the youngest Prime Minister's wife in Canadian history, when she married Pierre Elliot Trudeau at the age of 22.

Author of two books, Beyond Reason, and Consequences; her third book will be published in 2010 (topic: living with bipolar disease).

Advocates strongly on mental health issues, helping people overcome the stigma of mental illness that often prevents sufferers from getting help.

Sits on the Executive Advisory Board of the UBC Mental Health Institute.

Won a 2007 Inspiration Award, presented by the Royal Ottawa Foundation for Mental Health for her work on raising awareness about mental health issues.

Will be awarded the Society of Biological Psychiatry Humanitarian Award, for her efforts to help people suffering from mental illnesses (in May 2009).

Honorary President of Watercan, a Canadian NGO that helps the poorest citizens of the world to access safe, clean water.

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