Saturday, September 22, 2012

Verna Cotton

Local historian (Navan), author, volunteer

Is the third Tweedsmuir Coordinator for the Navan Branch of the Woman’s Institute, as well as a founding member of the Cumberland and Township Historical Society.

Is the author of pictorial history books entitled “The Navan of Yesteryear”.

Worked as a volunteer, secretary and president of the Navan Women’s Institute, fulfilling executive duties and helping with fundraising and community service projects.

Continues to serve on committees for the Navan Fair and St. Mary’s Anglican Church.

Verna and her husband Syd have both been recognized by the municipal and provincial governments for their contributions to the community of Navan. They received numerous awards, most significant of which was the Ontario Bicentennial Award, presented in 1984.

In recognition of Syd and Verna Cotton’s contributions to the community of Navan, a park on Forest Lea Drive has been renamed the “Syd and Verna Cotton Park” by the City of Ottawa in September 2012.

As long-term residents of the Navan area, Syd (now deceased) and Verna have shown great commitment to improving their community. To read about Syd’s contribution, please visit the following link:

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