Thursday, May 31, 2012

Martha Webber

Educator, naturalist, master teacher

“Wherever Europeans settled, they always brought along their favourite plants” – Martha Webber

Born in New England circa 1927, lives in Kanata, Ontario.

Studied botany-ecology and geology; taught biology and earth science in Vermont before moving to Canada.

Leads groups into forests and fields to discover the variety of edible plants growing wild in the Ottawa region, particularly in Kanata.

Has been teaching about “wild edibles” in Ottawa since the 1970s.  Her goal is to teach “positive identification and conservation” of edible plants.

In addition to the wild edibles course, she runs a summer camp to guide children in their exploration of the flora, fauna and geology of natural areas in Ottawa ; also leads family nature walks at the Carp Ridge EcoWellness Centre.

Part of Martha Webber’s work is helping to protect the Kanata Forest, which is the biggest remaining old growth forest in Ottawa. It is privately owned and slated for major development.

The Ottawa Field-Naturalists Club gave her the Mary Stuart Education Award in 2007 for her outstanding work in the field of natural history education in Ottawa.

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