Thursday, October 20, 2011

Carolyn Waldo

Olympic athlete, sports broadcaster, motivational speaker

Born in Montreal, Quebec; works in Ottawa.

Despite a fear of water, learned to swim at the age of 10 and managed to win two gold medals in synchronized swimming by the time she was 23.

First Canadian woman to win two gold medals at the same Olympic games (1988 Seoul Games).

Also won a silver medal at the 1984 games in Los Angeles.

Was flagbearer at the 1988 Olympics.

Is a 6-time world champion, a Lou Marsh Award winner, a 4-time Canadian Female Athlete of the year, a member of the Canadian Sports Hall of Fame and an Officer of the Order of Canada.

Is a successful sports broadcaster at CTV Ottawa and a passionate speaker, inspiring a full range of audiences to discover the possibilities in their own lives.

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