Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Marie-Louise Marmette

Author, lecturer

Born in 1870 in Quebec City; died in Montreal.

Baptized Marie-Louise-Joséphine-Esther-Eliza, known as Louyse de Bienville (also used the pseudonym Domino Noir).

Grand-daughter of historian Francois-Xavier Garneau.

Daughter of Joseph-Étienne Marmette who helped found the Cercle des Dix, an Ottawa literary society in 1884. He was an archivist for the federal government.

Was schooled by the Ursulines in Quebec from 1880 to 1882, and later taught by the nuns of the Congregation of Notre-Dame in Ottawa.

Married lawyer Donat Brodeur in Ottawa in 1892; subsequently settled in Montreal.

Pursued a literary career including writing articles for the Journal de Françoise, a Montreal newspaper founded by Robertine Barry; also published articles in Le Temps of Ottawa, the Montreal paper Le Pays, Le Courrier de Montmagny, and Quebec's Le Soleil.

Occasionally wrote about the state of Canadian literature, as well as about the advent of feminism.

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