Thursday, August 4, 2011

Speaker of the House of Commons

The Speaker of the House of Commons in Ottawa, Canada assumes the position of highest authority in the House, and represents the Commons in all its powers, proceedings and dignity. The duties of the Speaker fall into three categories: 1) acting as the spokesperson of the House; 2) presiding over sittings of the House and maintaining order and decorum; and 3) assuming important administrative responsibilities.

Since 1867, there have been 35 Speakers of the House of which one was a woman.

Jeanne Sauvé was elected 29th Speaker of the House on the recommendation of then Prime Minister Pierre E. Trudeau in 1980. She served as Speaker until 1984.

She resigned as Speaker on January 15, 1984 during the Second Session of the Thirty-second Parliament, after having been designated to become Governor General.  On May 14, 1984, Mme Sauvé was sworn in as Canada’s first female Governor General.

For more information on Jeanne Sauvé, please read the entry under the letter S.

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